Fussen In AEEDC Exhibition2018
Company News | 2018-02-09 11:12:32

Thanks for invited FUSSEN booth in AEEDC Exhibition, Dubai 2018.  AEEDC is authority of the dental exhibition in the Middle East. Every year it’s attracting a lot of dental professor, distributor and dentist to visit this exhibition. During the 3 days exhibition, we receipt and done the demonstration for more than 200 customers who interesting of intraoral scanner and intraoral plate scanner. Our product is received high recognized and reputation in images quality.


One of the popular products of intraoral scanner is only taking less than 5mins scanning time for full mouth without powder. It was launched in end of last year in the market. 

·Data format is open-ended
·High Precision and Fast
·Anti-fog function by built-in heater
·large depth of field
·Scanning Without Powder
·4D High Resolution Scanning

Intraoral plate scanner is other super star product in DUBAI exhibition. We provide the 4 different size of IP board and scanning time is less than 10 second.


1.Flexible Multifunctional Photophor

2.Highly Self-Adaptive Photophor Processor
3.High Definition X-Ray Image

FUSSEN is a leading company of dental images equipment. We will continuous to contribute high technology and innovation for this industry file.