The Expodent International India
Company News | 2018-12-25 10:59:43

The Expodent International India has been finished successfully in New Delhi. The show opened from 21st to 23rd December. Expodent is the most eagerly awaited event in the Indian dental field, sought after by practicing dental professionals, students and all others associated with this sector. Fussen taking the opportunity introduced itself and its products to India. During the show, Fussen demonstrated the products and described the functions in detail, which won interests and cooperation from visitors and dealers locally. For instance, the imaging plate system, compared with traditional sensor, greatly enhances patient’s comfort with 4 sizes of flexible plates, highlighting the high-resolution X-ray image. The data could be multi-terminal synchronized and viewed from App in mobile devices.

In this show, we displayed self-developed intraoral 3D scanner as well, which are:

1. Powder Free

2. Color Scanning, High Precision and Fast

3. With Small Scanner Tip, Infection Control

4. With Large Depth of Field

Fussen believed that its visual systems could better serve dental field and improve the quality of dental imaging.